DombayScheme of  Dombay slopes

Dombay known primarily as a ski center, although its potential as a summer climate resort is great. Without a doubt – this is one of the most beautiful mountain in the world.

Dombai – one of the most popular mountain resorts of the Caucasus, situated at an altitude of 1620-1650 m at the confluence of the rivers Amanauz, Dombay-Ulgen and Alibek. The basis for a ski resort served as the mountains on all sides surrounding Dombay meadow – a unique climate recreational area, located in a mountain valley at the foot of the northern slope of the Main Ridge of the Greater Caucasus. For many years Dombai is a center of tourism and mountaineering in the Caucasus. Unforgettable panorama of the Main Caucasus mountain range with peaks Herzog (3863 m), Sofrudzhu (3781 m), Belalakaya (3861 m), Dzhuguturlyuchat (3896 m), Dombay-Ulgen (4046 m), peak Ine (3455 m).


Town Dombai – the most famous of Russian mountain ski resorts. By the number of sunny days and the healing properties of pure air Dombay surpasses many world-known ski centers. Old timers say that every year New Year’s Eve is always a light fluffy snow. Dombay meadow is part Teberdinskogo State Reserve.

District Teberda – Dombai is located at an altitude 1300 – 1630m. With air filled with coniferous nectar, sunshine and mineral springs, the area Teberda and Dombai Russia is considered the best mountain resort. Average winter temperature is -5 degrees. Winter Dombai – for skiers. Trails of varying difficulty – for beginners and experienced. The thickness of snow cover in some places reaches 3 meters. The slopes are wide, are deprived of excessive slope.

In Dombae lot of experienced instructors, they will learn the basics of skiing. At the box office can always find skiing equipment. For free-raiders set of “unbroken” virgin land, recently developed, Xia «heli-ski»: a helicopter tourists, along with the instructor, delivered to the top of the slope, and then taken away after the descent. Developed 6 such routes. Rather expensive, but unforgettable impression. You can admire the panorama of the mountains from a helicopter, flew over Mount Elbrus.

Climate around Dombai soft and favorable throughout the year. Average January temperature at altitudes of 1500-1700 m is -5-8 C, in the alpine zone up to -12-14 C. Average annual rainfall reaches 2000-2300 mm. From the black sea moist air is heavy snowfalls in winter. By the end of winter snowfall reaches a depth of 1,5-2 meters and more. The snow cover is usually established by mid-November and is held on the lower portions of the route before the start of April, and at altitudes greater than 2000-2500 m until mid-May.

Dombay lake

The best time for skiing – February-March, when Dombae comes the so-called “gornoplyazhny season.” Daytime temperatures can reach +10-15 C, and the abundance of sunshine creates ideal conditions for the adoption of ultra-baths. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the intensity of solar radiation is extremely high. Also before the trip should be concerned the purchase of protective glasses and creams.

The best place for skiing in Dombae are spacious south-western slopes of Mount Mussa-Achitara (3012 m). Relief at the top of the slope at the vertex of the Mussa-Achitara in general – a smooth and quiet, below the very diverse. Ski slopes – for every taste and level of training: at the top are more suitable for beginners and for those who prefer quiet riding, lower – significantly steeper, hilly, and in the forest zone to the same and narrow. Horseback diverse, but still not “black”, although if you want you can find places that are comparable to south of Cheget.


In the immediate vicinity of the standard routes are the eastern slopes of Mount Mussa-Achitara – with large fields in the upper part, the various couloirs in the middle and the forest at the bottom. Very versatile ride for one descent, with an impressive difference in altitude – 1300 meters and exit to the ropeway. Also Dombay provides ample opportunities for skiing in the woods. Not long, but very interesting hills with a height difference of up to 600 meters.

Heli-ski, ride. Extremal and the free rider who loves skating away from the groomed slopes and prefer open spaces and deep snow is invited to drop off and a helicopter ride from the top of the Main Caucasian ridge. Several trace out the routes start from the top station of the fifth stage chair lift. Basically, all routes pass through the northern slope of the ridge Mussa-Achitara and end access to the gorge Gonachkhir or route Teberda-Dombai (6-8 km below the village). For true connoisseurs can recommend backcountry skiing from the top of Semenov-Bashi (3602 m) on virgin fields and avalanche prochesam. The length of the routes on the slopes of Semenov-Bashi of 3000-4000 m.

Scheme of slopes Dombai